Here's the problem.

Without grasping the fundamentals of world geography, professional travel agents limit their potential sales.
Although agents would love to master this topic, they simply don’t because, typically, it is just too dry and difficult to learn.

Here's the solution.

VWG presents world geography within unique, funny, and unpredictable stories
on purpose …
Agents receive a pleasant learning experience with minimal time commitment and maximum retention. It works!

Whet your appetite for learning world geography with the following sample
lessons of the VWG program. Enjoy, and HAPPY TRAVELS into a world of
pure imagination…

The first scene shows where each country fits within its continent. Countries are illustrated as recognizable shapes/objects. In Africa Lesson 11, CAMEROON is an opera singing Guinea Bird named Cam Maroon. EQUATORIAL GUINEA is an egg. GABON is the backwards Texas.

Before viewing VWG Asia Lesson 6, What is the relative sizes of KUWAIT and IRAQ? a) about the same size b) Kuwait is slightly larger than Iraq c) Iraq is much larger than Kuwait d) none of the above.

Before viewing VWG Asia Lesson 9 (Direct version), what is the relative location of Afghanistan to Pakistan? Is Afghanistan South, North, East, or West of Pakistan?

Before viewing VWG Europe Lesson 2 (INStructional version), we know Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are part of Scandinavia, but do you know which countries border each other?

Each lesson includes a FACTS video for more in-depth information about the culture, economics, prominent features, and brief history of its countries.

In 2023 we partnered with (UTPB) the University of Texas at the Permian Basin's College of Business to put the effectiveness of the VWG program to the test. Here's what we found...