Q: There is plenty of information out there on world geography, how is the VWG program different from traditional methods?

A: The National Geographic Society has been in business for decades trying to eradicate geographic illiteracy in America. But if you have ever seen a “man on the street interview” testing geography, you know almost all Americans are completely clueless! However, a recent scientific study of the VWG program shows HIGHLY SIGNIFCANT RESULTS in teaching the fundamentals of world geography to adults and students alike.
Mainly because VWG uses a non-linear approach that is in complete alignment with our brain’s design. When we work WITH how the brain most efficiently and effectively processes incoming information, instead of against it, learning feels effortless. For instance, say your goal was to travel around the block… Would you choose to use your legs and feet, or to “walk” on your hands? Obviously, choosing to use your legs and feet would allow you to reach your goal effortlessly, while choosing to use your hands would make the process so horribly difficult, most everyone would just give up on trying.
Q: How does having my own mental map of the world benefit me as a travel agent professional?
Couldn’t I just google a country’s
relative size, location, etc. when talking with a guest?

A: Acquiring your very own mental map that you can spontaneously access is beneficial in so many ways:
  • When you have to stop and google something, it interrupts the flow of conversation between you and your guest and replaces it with an awkward pause that is sometimes hard to recover from.
  • Instead of being preoccupied about your lack of world geography, you can be smooth, self-assured, and relaxed, which instinctively creates a positive rapport with your guests! Now you can concentrate on selling the vacation itself with all its components.
  • When you are able to talk fluently about destinations, and field questions on the fly, your guests, particularly luxury travelers, trust your recommendations, and perceive you as a credible, irreplaceable person responsible for all the details of their itineraries.
  • It helps you believe in yourself as a knowledgeable professional which totally takes your CONFIDENCE to a whole new level!  You actually feel like you are “making it” as a global travel expert instead of “faking it”–so you act to initiate more connections with prospects and become more intentional about expanding your client base.
Q: How does the VWG program work?

A: VWG transforms the outlines of countries into easy to recognize shapes/objects (we call pictographies). Sometimes it can be a stand-alone pictography e.g., Italy as a boot. While sometimes a cluster of countries are grouped together to make an object, with each country being a recognizable part, e.g., Bolivia is the leaf (Bowl-leaf-ia) of our Chili Pepper Pictography. In addition, the name of a country is associated or linked with its shape, like the country of Chile being part of our Chili Pepper.
Q: I don’t have a lot of time. How long before I will have my own global framework and be a world geography expert?

A: VWG is a self-paced program. Each lesson covers 1-3 countries. There are 80 lessons that encompass the continents of The Americas (North, Central, South), Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Although the VWG license grants access for 1 full year, you can conceivably have your own global framework and be a world geography expert as a travel agent in as little as 4 months!
Q: There are 4 different video sets per lesson. Which ones should I watch?
A: It’s your choice! You can have your own mental map of the world by watching ANY or all of the 3 mnemonic videos sets (direct, INStructional, and skits). They contain the same information in different formats. However, the INS format is the only one that includes capital city mnemonics within the storylines.
The DIRECT format takes you right to the point and lasts about 2-3 minutes. Whereas the SKIT format is optional. Presented in a mini-documentary format, the FACTS video set is invaluable for travel agents because it is jam-packed with vivid scenes of each country’s physical features, plus cultural, political, economic, and historic facts. It is recommended to watch a mnemonic video before viewing the FACTS video set. This way you create a mental category so you can properly file and retrieve all these amazing FACTS.